If You're a Marketer

Practical Techniques and Action Orientation
We Work To Make You Look Good

At Clarity, we help you carry out practical, action-oriented market and customer research so you can raise awareness, create or increase revenues and retain customers:

  • Enhance your performance in current markets
  • Open up new market areas
  • Create new channels or routes to market
  • Launch new products
  • Strengthen your position vis-à-vis competitors
  • Get more leads
  • Facilitate more sales via your partners (UK/Europe/international)
  • Keep your customers for longer (Customer Life-time Value)
  • Set realistic expectations and eliminate surprises.

If you’re looking for practical, highly flexible, scaleable, and cost effective solutions to marketing problems, look no further.

Call us now and let’s have an initial exploratory talk, so you can see for yourself how we can help you enhance your strategic direction and maximise your sales revenue.

You’ll probably agree: as a marketer you need to speak the language of the board – sales, revenues, costs and profits, not just brand, segmentation, communication funnels, CTR numbers, advertising recall or familiarity targets.

At Clarity we help you break down the marketing process into three areas. Very simply, marketing is the process of finding clients, converting them, and then delivering the product or service to them profitably.

Experience shows, however, that companies that put some effort into a clearly articulated position in the market via relevant channels, and develop a reputation for great service, can outpace the competition and find the conversion process a lot easier.

This way you can take the discussion to a higher level – defining the key objectives, the drivers of the activities and putting in place a strategy.

Enhancing your Business Performance

Strategic Planning

From where you are now, to where you want to be with the Clarity 5-stage Strategic Management Process...

Business Health-check

The path to improvement of your business starts here...

Upsteam & Analysis

Arm yourself with good, decision-enabling information to get your strategy right.....

Systematise your business

How to scale your business so that it can operate independently of your direct involvement and turn it into a very profitable, growing operation.