If You're a CEO or Senior Executive

Consultancy for Mid-Market Company Executives
Business & Profitability Improvement

Improving productivity and business performance

At Clarity we can help you to reach your goals and implement practical steps to achieve them. We identify where you have hidden inefficiences, untapped potential, and cost savings opportunities, so you can…

Create Revenue Streams
Control and Reduce Cost
Increase Competitiveness
Reduce Risk

You have the advantage

We provide you with services in strategic management and business improvement, but without being on your payroll.

That simplifies your business life. Company management on an “on-call” basis can be a very cost-effective way of addressing business problems.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending too much management time on troubleshooting and firefighting, thereby neglecting strategic issues and longer term action planning.

You might require…

  • Specialised skills and capabilities in business management for your domestic or international markets
  • Control & management techniques for cash-flow shortages, market share decrease, or other business problems with uncertain causes
  • Temporary management for politically troublesome situations
  • Difficult circumstances that require sensitivity, discretion, and judgement for successful handling
  • A fresh perspective on cases that call for an unbiased evaluation
  • Qualified assistance in carrying out analysis and investigation

Clarity has a unique support structure to help you get back on track in a very cost effective way.

You can get the expertise and guidance you need from our network of advisors – as and when you need it.

And we keep our prices competitive as a result of the unique way we work: very low overheads and efficiency of operations.

Enhancing your Business Performance

Strategic Planning

From where you are now, to where you want to be with the Clarity 5-stage Strategic Management Process...

Business Health-check

The path to improvement of your business starts here...

Upsteam & Analysis

Arm yourself with good, decision-enabling information to get your strategy right.....

Systematise your business

How to scale your business so that it can operate independently of your direct involvement and turn it into a very profitable, growing operation.