Process Improvement

Making Things Better

Process improvement means making things better for your company, by finding out what causes things to happen (and not happen) in the inputs, actions, and outputs of your business.

You can then use this knowledge to reduce variations and remove activities that contribute no value to your product, service, or competitiveness.

Whether it’s writing a work order, ordering a part, performing a specific service for your customer, or taking payment, the list of business processes can be huge. It ranges from simple, less significant processes, to complex and extremely important ones that can have a direct impact on your profitability.

We use a methodical, systematic approach to analyse how your processes can be improved, considering such factors as…

  • Materials
  • Methods
  • Machines and technology
  • People

Our 14-point method allows you to focus on reducing or eliminating waste – of money, time, people, materials, and opportunities. You can then have jobs done cheaper, quicker, easier, safer, and more competitively.

Your requirements will determine and drive how we work. We can undertake all aspects of the project and analysis, but we’ll only do those that are required and agreed with you.

  • Your Goals:

    • Increase competitiveness and agility.
    • Reduce or control cost.
    • Deliver better value to customers.
    • Discover process elimination and outsourcing options.
    • Achieve composite objectives.
  • Considerations:

    • What process do you want to select for improvement?
    • Is the process significant or frequent enough to warrant analysis?
    • Who are the right people involved in the process(es)?
    • What’s the best way to analyse the process?
    • Which resources are required, and how can they be applied most economically?


  • Data Collection:

    • How are things done now.
    • Measurement.
    • Stability and variance.
    • Identifying critical factors.


  • Options and Implementation:

    • Opportunities for elimination, simplification, and improvement.
    • Implementation and responsibilities.
    • Putting into practice and ensuring success.
    • Continuous improvement.

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