Upstream + Analysis

Doing the right things, and doing them right
Get good, decision-enabling information

“Upstream marketing” refers to the preparatory steps you take before actually executing strategies and campaigns. They comprise gathering facts and data, analysing, strategising, and planning.

On the other hand, “Downstream marketing” is what you do to influence targeted buyers’ attitudes and decision processes — and make them buy from you. These parameters are also sometimes knowm as the 4 Ps (or 6 Ps) .

To perform well in your marketing mix, you need to have your upstream marketing right. You need good, decision-enabling information.

When you have good information and knowledge about your markets, customers, and competitors, you can form much better marketing strategies.

Our toolkit of techniques and analyses allows you to focus on doing the right things the most efficient way.

You can arm yourself with decision-enabling information, and you can show senior management, finance, sales, operational and other peers how you’ve reached your strategy.



    • Where can you create more revenue opportunity?
    • Which small changes can create huge increases in customer retention?
    • Where can costs be reduced?
    • How to identify and attract the most profitable prospects?
    • How to create the best value proposition for a given target segment?
    • Which new channels and routes-to-market should you pursue?
    • What’s the best way to open up new market areas?
    • How can you keep more customers?
    • How many client prospects really know about your offerings?

You can ask us to provide as much or as little as you need for your project.

We can perform most analyses, but will only do the ones necessary for what you want to achieve, and as agreed with you.


    • Strategy.
    • Marketing.
    • Sales & alignment.
    • Innovation & development.
    • Markets, segments, customers, products & services, competitors.

Techniques, tools & analyses – examples:

    • Clarity Market Map – pinpoint the market’s perception of your brand and your offerings, and find out exactly what you must do to raise your sales
    • Customer experience improvement – improve retention and cut costs by finding out what your customers’ expectations are and optimising your business processes around them.
    • InSync – customer satisfaction & retention – determine how satisfied your customers are and see which factors you must change to do better.
    • Conjoint analysis – determine how customers value, prioritise and prefer your product & service combinations.
    • Pricing determination.
    • Market Gauge – qualitative fact-gathering.
    • Moment-of-Truth customer experience measure.
    • Shape-to-Fit – tell us your requirements, and we’ll devise a suitable approach to get you decision-enabling information.

Options and implementation:

    • Opportunities for growth, improvement, retention, cost reduction.
    • Implementation, responsibilities and KPI alignment.
    • Putting into practice and ensuring success.
    • Continuous improvement.

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