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Leadership and business ideas

As we go about our business of providing analysis, business improvement services and techniques, we find inspiration from a number of places, situations, and sources.

You can see here a few of our favourites in topics such as…:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Efficiency
  • Process improvement
  • Upstream analysis
  • Strategic marketing

Clarity Tip Sheets & Articles

  • B2B Branding Back to basics… [more]
  • How to Avoid Change Management Fad Pitfalls… [more]
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness and how to sort out the confusion… [more]
  • How to Obtain Market Leadership even if you weren’t the first mover… [more]

Books we found interesting

  • Great by choice, Collin & Hansen [more]
  • Mastering The Rockefeller Habits, Harnish [more]
  • Profit from the Core, Zook & Allen [more]
  • The Fifth Discipline, Senge [more]
  • Escape Velocity, Moore [more]

Enhancing your Business Performance

Strategic Planning

From where you are now, to where you want to be with the Clarity 5-stage Strategic Management Process...

Business Health-check

The path to improvement of your business starts here...

Upsteam & Analysis

Arm yourself with good, decision-enabling information to get your strategy right.....

Systematise your business

How to scale your business so that it can operate independently of your direct involvement and turn it into a very profitable, growing operation.